Expressing Personality


The purpose of the page was to practice exploring different ways of presenting information. I had to stick strictly to only talking about us as person (exclude career and education). Therefore our page should reflects our personality.


This is the first time that I decided to use my understanding of design rules and to break them with intent. I think that rules are important, and by having a real in-depth understanding of them means that I can confidently break these rules without having a non desirable impact.


The page is unusual and it reflects my desire to be creative.


  • CSS
  • HTML
  • fileziller


  • use of colour
  • typography
  • layout

How I Did It

Mind Map


I collect anything printed on a Risograph, I found this Riso Zine when we were learning about typography. The author of this zine uses letters for expression in his logo work. On the first page he says if you break rules, you must break them with intent. This gave me the idea to break some typography rules for the web with intent.

Breaking Rules with Intent

finding display fonts on the web to express each topic I talk about on my page

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