Retro-ising an Image

I wanted to use illustrations for my film promo project, but something about the use of the illustration on the first page just was not working. I then went back to my moodboard and source of insipration and I though I should actually use a still for the front page.

I still wanted it to look like it was from the 70s and have that printed look. Then I remembered a long time ago I watched a youtube tutorial on how to print a risograph from an image. And in that video they messed with the pixels using bitmap to give it a newspaper print style.

So I used this method, the only problem was that to use bitmap you have to make your image greyscale. So once I had the pixelation I wanted I layed this over the top of my image and then reduced the opacity.

The tutorial is below, if you are interested in the bitmap steps they are at around 8 minutes in.

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