Things I should revisit

Now that learning in class has ended, I still do not feel like I have enough time to really digest everything we have learned. Simply because we have two more projects to complete as well as our final crit for our major project (and then the final project along with the accompanying thesis).

However, I have noticed that I am already falling into bad habits, in the same way when we do things often in a week we start to do those things on auto-pilot, and then one day we forget why we did those things at all.

For example, using the box-model. I realised just now that it I often use this techinque regardless. Even putting it in my code when I might not need to. I have forgotten there are alternatives to using this for box sizing.

So, with that in mind I am going to write a list of these small things that I do automatically, and therefore I am not thinking about whether it is the appropriate use or not.

  • Using the box model method (and applying at the begining of my CSS regardless).
  • Adding Eric Meyers reset at the begining of my CSS (and never adjusting it, despite the fact that I am always using box-model!).
  • Resetting all link styling (not doing this in the reset), and then after this applying the new styling.
  • Mixing px and em units with not much thought about how I am using them. (perhaps I am using them correctly, the point it, I do it without thinking).
  • Even though I am doing mobile first approach now, I often start with thinking about how my site will look on a browser first (I shouldnt think in rigid layouts like this anyway).
  • Doing a quick prototype mock up with browser rather than mobile first (maybe I should think about the site use before doing this, it might be appropriate sometimes).
  • I often think too abstractly about colour palettes. For example I find colours, but do not think of how I will use them in a brand sense. E.g. colour for logo, for background, for text. This is fine right now, but might not work when creating palettes for clients in the future.
  • Always wanting to use Grid because I want to practise it. But sometimes flex makes a lot more sense. (taking more thought in my layout use at the planing stages I guess)
  • to be continued…………………….

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