Learning new techniques

The great thing about this course is that it sets you up with the highest standards. Once you understand these principles you can then go off on your own learning journey. Learning new techinques, but having the knowledge to know whether the information you are reading on the web is just a hack, or an actual web standard method.

I wanted to outline my heading. But was unsure if I could use the method I found on my initial search of the internet. The first few results were just from forums, and these were well over 10 years old.

However having an idea of what techinque I am now searching for i know there are some trusted sites where I can check if this techinque will meet web standards. The first being to check if it is supported by web browsers using Can I use. Then checking w3, which did not show any results. I found the techinique on Mozilla web docs, however it comes with a warning that it is not standard, this is from 2010. There was no such warning on CSS-Tricks.

I have stuck with the technique for now, as at the moment I am doing a quick prototype to see how my chosen colour palate works. However I need to do some further research. It is not essential to the user to be able to see this outline, however the reason I want to ensure it is standard is because it will affect the readibility of the H1 as it changes the colour contrast from the background and the H1 colour.

What is also great with the course is that even though our lectures have now finished we are all in constant contact with each other on slack. So the next thing I will do is ask the group on their thoughts and if they have a suggested alternative.

Therefore I will make a note in my code to re-visit this later on, after I have completed a quick mock-up prototype.

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