My Girl: Oscar Worthy Performances

The beauty in this film is in its directness. There are some obligatory scenes. But there are also some very original and touching ones. This is a movie that has its heart in the right place. Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert

It’s an introduction to adolescent viewers of some of life’s most painful events, even if those events aren’t always depicted in the most realistic ways. And therein lies My Girl’s effectiveness.The A.V Club

Beautiful, charming and poignant, I seriously hate how under-appreciated this movie is and I am truly sorry it took me so long to see it. It really is as good as the other reviewers say. It is everything the film promised to be, and these were the reasons why I loved other movies like Stand By Me so much. My Girl is beautiful, it is charming and it is poignant.IMBD User TheLittleSongbird

One of the most touching films everIMBD User BeccaGudd

Oscar Winning Performance. Anna Chlumsky should have won an Academy award for this movie.IMBD User dawnhudspeth

I've seen a lot of movies and only a handful has been able to make me laugh and cry at the same time. My Girl does that and more. when you watch it you always end up reminiscing about that one special summer when you were growing up and going for bike rides with your friends. in its subtle way this film touches you in a way that only memories can...suddenly you remember everything that happened when you were young. this is definitely one of the better coming-of-age films ever made.IMBD User jillytuile